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Spanning the Literary Spectrum

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Saint Andrews is a gay black man, military veteran, punk rocker, creative genius and LBGTQ business entrepreneur and insider of the American Rap, dance and Hip-Hop Music Industry.  He spent over 16 years in the American music industry working with  

legendary promoters and music executives at tier one music labels including major chat topping artists. 

In 2008 he founded GLAM (gay and lesbian alternative magazine) which was the #1 LGBTQ music magazine in the US. The success of GLAM allowed him to interview and work with some of biggest names in the LGBTQ world. 

Saint Andrews was molested from the time he was 4 years old until he turned 18. He attended several mental health rehab sessions and had more than one suicide attempts.  

He overcame struggles with his family, drugs, religion and the entertainment industry to finding his way to letting go of the past and embracing forgiveness.

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