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How music helped me to heal my traumatic past – Houston Saint Andrews.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Everybody listens to music for fun and enjoyment. But for some people, music is something that keeps them going. It heals them and recreates a new personality. Of course, that is why music therapies are getting popular these days.

We can see a lot of examples of how people overcame their struggles by finding distractions in various circumstances such as sexual assault, and sexual abuse.

But the most role of music in my life is that it helped me to get over the traumatic past I had. And when I say traumatic, I mean of events that made me mark a full stop in my life. But I kept moving forward, and somehow, it’s semicolon now. ; )

“The struggle was real with my family, drugs, religion and the only Music helped to overcome & made me forget the Past and Healed me.!“ - Houston Saint Andrews, Musician and LGBTIQ Author.

Music has a considerably greater ability to heal. It helped me heal from my past experience of child abuse. I have taught myself to alleviate stress in my life with a combination of relaxed breathing while listening to my favorite music. So, learn to breathe in a relaxed way and breath out yourself with your favorite music.

Every human being can relate to emotions at a very deep level. Music has emotion too. And humans can very much interpret that emotion and can relate it to themselves. This can help people who feel lonely, sad, depressed, etc.

Music was there for me when no one else was around!

There are a lot of music records that can relax you within minutes, make your soul calm down and make you feel heaven on earth. You might find a friend in Music.

Whenever I had to go through struggles, my music always talked to me and comforted me. It inspired me, advised and motivated me. And from my experience, I have to say that it can bring life to you!

Finding peace with my guitar!

Even if we know nothing about music, we have all experienced tranquilly when listening to music that we enjoy. However, I believe that having some music education at a young age and becoming accustomed to listening to a wide range of music helps a person to be more confident, peaceful and strong.

Whenever I feel down, I always find peace in my guitar. I believe whenever a person is surrounded by music, whether jazz, classical, or pop, they will always have some positive advantages.

People who are depressed benefit from music since it relieves stress. Not only that, but numerous researchers have also done experiments on people related to music, the results of which have shown that music has a favorable effect on biological health.

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