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The survival journey of a kid!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

How to change uncertainties to opportunities: The survival journey of a kid!

A child who grew up in an abusive environment is more likely to suffer as an adult, even with seemingly basic tasks. However, there are people who have turned such challenges into opportunities! Sometimes it may destroy us, but at the same time, with proper awareness and help, it can mould us to be brave and fearless.

Child abuse has long been recognised as a severe societal problem with far-reaching ramifications for the children involved, their families, and society at large. Adverse childhood experiences have been linked to poor adult education, career issues, and even mental health.

How it affects?

Physical, mental, and sexual abuse can create a variety of health problems in people at any point in their lives, according to researches. Obesity, arthritis, mood swings and personality disorders, heart disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder are just a few instances of health issues (PTSD).

Abuse is now well recognised as a major contributor to the development of many things. It includes depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders, as well as sleep disturbances, self-harm, suicide and attempted suicide, eating disorders, and substance abuse, both in childhood and adulthood.

Researchers found the rate of actual incidence and recorded rates are different in clinical and population-based studies. And considerable barriers impede researchers from understanding more about the experiences of children, particularly young children, who have been victims of caregiver-inflicted abuse or neglect.

Is there anything that can be done about it?

To raise awareness, many self-healing books and authors have employed various forms of articles and publishes. Saint Andrews is one of the most well-known gay black authors, who wrote the book Houston Has a Problem, which addresses his own abusive childhood and recovery.

Reading similar books and practising meditation can help you overcome childhood trauma. It will help you restore your courage and overcome all obstacles. It is not a one-day process; therefore, it may take some time. But it will definitely make a difference!

Ensuring the healthy development of all children is vital for society to realise their full health, social, and economic potential. Preventing early adversity, such as child abuse and neglect, is critical if these goals are to be realised. Families, communities, organisations, and governments, as well as the entire society, must be involved in order to achieve these goals.

What we can do?

While everyone is accountable, some people have special responsibilities. Parents, relatives, teachers, school authorities and even neighbours should always be alerted when you hear that a child is in danger. Child protection authorities, are also in charge of identifying children and families who are at danger, as well as offering services to prevent harm and treat traumatic experiences.

If you see a child in danger, no matter what the situation is, do not hesitate to respond. Immediate action should be taken in order to avoid major consequences. Self-healing books are one of the best ways to help you get more awareness about such circumstances.

Houston Saint Andrews is a gay black author, who have experienced a similar situation in life. This African American Writer, is trying to spread awareness against child abuse and related issues in our society.

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