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Saving Souls by Saint Andrews

Saving Souls This is what I do Some people say the hell with you Hello hello hello Just move by The yellow moon She swerves behind Unconscientious people like clouds collide and divide No more words No time to sacrifice Slaves to the money GODs She already knows What’s in it for me To declare my love What’s in it for me On your wedding day What’s in it for me When you give to the poor What’s in it for me When you pray to the Lord Jesus save me What’s in it for me The will to live The will to die Deliver me Lord What’s in it for me When you take her hand When you wear his ring When you sing their song When you break her heart When you walk away Every soul that you save Every shout of Praise Nothing from nothing Leaves nothing And I’m not little boy My soul is not a toy

There’s more to flesh and blood And nothing new under the sun Now Lucy’s in the sky And I don’t wanna fly I rather be wise What’s in it for me It’s what we say All day In every way Every day In every way But this is not the way So God bless our souls It’s all we know By Saint Andrews 2020

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