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The Dead They Come Loudly

The dead they come loudly Riding the cause Children remorse Conclusions we make With Bridal decor Hand over fist Blood before tears Windows and Ocean The givers cold fears Wake up Be ye me My children Widows wipe Children sleep In the winter is coming The earth is angry She can’t find We have stolen peace The annunaki Poison We drink the poison And drown in delusion There no compromise Everywhere Signs Clouds and symbols Systems and remedy’s Violently collide Genders and genres Vocals and strife Song with no meaning Crackle with life, and subdivide Am I human Please someone identify with me Validate me Life with no meaning Shallow Hallow Divides Hallow Fallow Mellow Heavy Metal lIfe Real life Reel Life

Oh How the mighty Shall fall Dust we are Don’t forget what you are For someday Mother Earth Will remind you So Get high Get Higher So sing, so dance. So love So romance, so hate, so take So, build, so create, so devastate So sleep, So we dream, So die So nothing means nothing Chaos is order, no need to fight It’s the beautiful darkness That leads to light Welcome to real life.

By Saint Andrews 2021

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