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The Greatest Discovery

Early life traumas frequently shape how we define and defend ourselves. In short, they bend us out of shape, influencing our behaviour in ways we aren't even aware of. We may grow up feeling constantly defensive and hesitant because of the problems. It is easy to see how carrying this uncertainty into adulthood could shake our sense of self and limit us in various ways.

To break this pattern of behaviour, it is important to understand what's causing it. We must always be willing to investigate the root causes of our most self-limiting or self-destructive tendencies. We can feel frustrated when we try to cover up or run away from our past traumatic experiences. That is why we need to find the root cause of the problem in order to heal from the past. To find the cause, you need to find yourself first.

The greatest discovery of your entire lifetime is to discover yourself! Finding yourself means feeling at peace with the person you have become. It helps you in self-healing from the traumatic past. This discovery and realization simply mean being more aware of the person who you truly are, and accepting of your feelings, flaws, thoughts, personality, goals, and even dreams! This will help you to overcome your negatives and create a new you, with a whole new vibe!

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