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The Rose Cross

I can never forget

I can never repent

I am Lost

I am the cost

For our liberty

Your repose

Singing tranquility

How can I tell

I how can Lie

Are you part of the hive

A million years

A million Suns

Billions of Planets

Me and You

Maybe a hundred years

Pointless tears

Mundane mental constructions

Hap hazarded relationships

Laspeless fears

In a blink of an eye

We are gone

Like a fly in the kitchen

Give it all up

But you can’t

Because it’s never enough

And through it all

You by into the lie that would kill you

Escape Escape Escape

Nothing is r4eal

Everything is fake

There’s no time nor space

Only the ever present now


Never asl

Never awake

Lost in endless dreaming

Asking why

Life after life

Where oh where oh where oh where

Are we

It can’t be explained

When through epoch after epoch

Nothing remains

All is lost

All is forgotten

Everything changes

Everything is forgotten


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