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Wonders I have begun

The tribes I had to faked

The lies I had to make

They begin

And to feel me up

Uncover too long too far

I always get stuck

I Wonder who I am

Where does the river run

Is it still late to end what has begun

Should stay or run away and far away behind the Son

The struggle is too great

Is it really never too late

I move when I think

Baby face is what I like

I know that it hurts

But that's life

Everyone cries

Everyone dies

Everyone’s still learning to fly

Should I throw the sticks

When I don't have to catch them

Do I really want too

What's the problem with man

Is it he himself he can not understand

Can he solve the mysteries of the universe

Can he never understand

What it means to be man

Not wanting

Not trying

Not needing

I understand

I am

Saint Andrews

July 26th 2021

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